The inner yard and the oldest building of Voorkamer reminds in some aspects parts of Arsenale in Venice and is excellent for putting up installations using false new walls and including old floors, ceilings and brick walls in decay. There was a lot of cleaning up to be done. Two false walls of MDF-boards were nicely fit in a small room on the ground floor, giving me a perfect corner and leaving an original ochre plastered wall and the entrance door and the window as it was. A single bulb was dangling from the ceiling so it was decided to install four neon tubes that would brighten the space making no shadows. Into this ambience I took great pleasure in setting up the things I had brought and some items found among the great heaps of trash that filled whole rooms in the darker parts of the building. Soon the other participants arrived and the whole place was trembling with ongoing activity, both inside and outside, and on the upper floors. In the other buildings there were rooms for offices, video-projections and larger installations. There was also a small kitchen and a fridge with free beer and vine for us all. There was no abuse during the work.

look up for a larger report of the event at: TRENDBEHEER